Real Consultants Supercharged With Automation

With decades of experience, insureCap offers creative and strategy consulting services that will meet all of your captive needs. When you insureCap’s technology platform, we offer some of the most comprehensive solutions combined with AI tools.

With over 35 years experience working in the captive industry, I’ve pretty much seen it all. We’ve created insureCap to finally offer our captive prospects and clients the tools to take control of their captive, without sacrificing the personal touch our team offers.

Marc Lapointe, CEO

Marc Lapointe, CEO

Managing Member/Senior Captive Specialist, insureCap Solutions

Who we are?

We are the convergence of technology and captive insurance expertise which drives industry innovation. Our dedicated team combines technological prowess with industry knowledge to craft tailored solutions for the unique challenges faced by captive insurance companies. By simplifying complexities, we empower captives to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and foster strategic growth. We believe in partnerships, collaborating closely with clients to ensure our transparent, reliable, and continuously improving platforms align seamlessly with their goals. Join us in reshaping the captive insurance landscape through innovation and excellence.

Our solutions are built on a foundation of collaboration and customization. We believe in the power of partnership, working closely with you to identify pain points, optimize processes, and seize growth opportunities. Our platforms are designed to simplify complexities, making them accessible and effective for both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the captive insurance arena.

Our mission

insureCap works with you as a trusted partner to provide unique and customized insurance solutions that meet the exact demands of your company and industry. Our expert team is dedicated to consistently delivering superior services and insurance alternatives for unlimited potential.

Integrity, honesty, and accountability are the core of insureCap. We understand the value of having a partner you can depend on and strive to continually improve our services to provide our clients with innovative solutions consistently.

Conferences and Events

We make it a point to be out and about to all the great conferences and other events that are in the captive space.