Automation Technology

Create a best strategic tool, share it with your team and ensure it’s on track with intuitive dashboards. Simple enough with the sophistication and flexibility to meet the needs.

Automation Technology

Technology Stack for Captives

Automation is key to maintaining the regulatory and compliance while keeping costs low. Our plug and play modules can build any solution.

Virtual Boardroom

Two of the key factors to keeping compliant is being organized and not missing important dates. Our virtual boardroom creates a single place to track and share all important documents and milestones with the proper people.

Insurance Underwriting

A quote bind issue system is key to any insurane captive. The days of typing up policies by hand went the way of the VHS. Luckily, we have developed an end to end system that will handle everything from quoting to claims.


Whether your captive’s distribution model is Direct to Consumer, through Insurance Agents, or launched internally we can assist in getting it accessed in the most effecient manner possible.

Billing and Accounting

Collecting money is essential to keeping up the health of your captive. Our system has the proper controls to collect and account for premium coming in and claims getting paid out making yearly financials a breeze.

InsurTech Baked In

When you place your captive with insureCap you will have the ablitiy leverage the entire insurEco System to ensure your success.
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Learn More About Our Tech

We are proud of what we have built, but we understand that not every client needs or wants all of our technology. Our modular design enables us to turn on and off functions of our system.
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