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Derek Lovrenich

Derek Lovrenich


Derek Lovrenich is an accomplished entrepreneur, insurance technology expert, keynote speaker, and positive disruptor, widely known for producing the first and foremost insurance blockchain distribution solution for retail agents. Over the course of his career, he has gained extensive firsthand experience in the insurTech and blockchain space, founding the cutting-edge InsureEco System along the way. As a part of his initiative, he launched a brand new app called InsureBio, specially tailored for users to create a biography where their insurance data can be securely stored within his company’s private blockchain, Policy Blockchain. In addition to its top-tier commitment to security, this up-and-coming application prevents personal insurance data from being sold. Ultimately, his vision is to disrupt the flawed insurance lead generation market as a whole and bring an end to time-consuming insurance sales calls once and for all.

Additionally, for the last decade, Derek has served as the Founder and President of The Policy Spot, which is a mobile delivery platform for insurance professionals that enables them to efficiently deliver policies, manage certificates, and receive payments without a merchant account. Furthermore, he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management from The University of Texas at Arlington.

Derek attributes his deep-rooted passion for technology to his innovative father, who was an electrical and mechanical engineer with nearly 100 patents. He attributes his steadfast ambition to his dedicated mother, who was relentless in everything she took on, whether it was parenting or her profession.